Frequently Asked Questions

Got any troubles finding what you need or just want to know more about QualiMundi? We grouped some frequently asked questions below..

  • Local Agents
    • What is a local agent?

      Your local agent is the person who helps you to realize your journey. He or she works independently or is part of a larger travel agency, both located in the country where you want to travel to. Each local agent is specialized in organizing tailor-made journeys.

      A local agent is also the only entirely responsible for all the travel ideas he puts on the QualiMundi platform.

    • What language does the local agent speak?

      The language which the travel idea was written in, gives you a good indication of the language the local agent will speak. In most cases, however, English will be always possible, but also French or Dutch is possible!

    • Why the travel ideas are written in English/French or Dutch?

      As the local agent is entirely responsible for the travel ideas he puts on the QualiMundi platform he is free to choose the language he wants to use on the platform! We cannot translate for you but there is translation system linked to the travel ideas helping you to understand!

    • How does QualiMundi select the local agents?

      Our relationship with every local agent is based on several years of cooperation and trust. Criteria just as reputation, competence and professionalism are very important to us. New local agents are screened thoroughly before they can enter the world of QualiMundi.

  • Travel application
    • What is a personalized travel?

      A journey adapted to your own needs and preferences is absolute tailor-made. You have a certain amount of freedom to determine how your trip will look like. Our local agent is the perfect person to advise and stand by you, during the realization of your journey.

    • Which adjustments can I make to a travel idea?

      Every travel idea can be booked like it

    • What if my travel preference is not available?

      Every travel idea is only a suggestion and it is possible that, at the moment of booking, your journey is not available anymore. In this case the local agent will propose an alternative. It is possible that a certain surcharge is applied.

    • How far in advance do I need to send a travel application?

      This depends on the season and destination you

    • How long does a travel application take?

      The duration of a travel application depends on the length and complexity of your journey. To book a simple journey, e.g. a travel idea with little or no adjustments, a few e-mails can be enough. A travel customized from A to Z takes normally a little bit longer.

    • How long does it take a local agent to contact me?

      After your travel application the local agent will get in touch within two working days. He or she will send you a travel proposition or will ask for more information. Keep in mind that the local agents often operate from different countries from over the world, so the time difference may play a certain part.

    • How do I receive a travel confirmation?

      You will receive an invoice which is also your booking confirmation. The vouchers are sent, dependent of the country you

  • Booking
    • How can I book a journey with QualiMundi?
      1. Go through Destinations, Experiences or local agents to choose your destination.
      2. Get inspired by our travel ideas, these will provide an impression of the possibilities but will not restrict you in any way. The sky is the limit!
      3. Contact the local agent and send a travel application. Please make sure to list all your wishes.
      4. You receive a non-binding travel proposal which you can adjust with the help from your local agent.
      5. You decide to book. In a safe way you fill out the bookings form on our website.
      6. You receive a confirmation.
      7. Depending on the sales conditions of every local agent, you have to pay directly to the local agent per banktransfer/credit card or other means of payment. It is normal that you have to pay a deposit to confirm your reservation.
      8. Ready for takeoff!
    • What if I want to adjust something after booking or on-site itself?

      After consideration with your local agent it is often possible to change your travel program after booking or on-site. However, you have to keep in mind a surcharge may be applied.

    • Do I need a cancellation insurance?

      Alltough it is not mandatory, we recommend that you take out cancellation insurance. In case you cancel your booking, you must reimburse certain costs that made your travel agent. Certain parts of your trip as domestic flights, train tickets, etc. bring a high cancellation fee with them.

    • What are the cancellation conditions?

      These conditions are completely dependent of your local agent and can differ from travel to travel. Please contact your local agent for more information.

  • Prices and payment
    • Is the price of the local agent fixed?

      The price of the last given travel proposal stays valid for a certain amount of time, determined by the local agent. If this date is exceeded, then the local agent will reserve the right to adjust the sum, due to local circumstances or unexpected currency movements.

    • Do I need to give tips?

      It is not mandatory to tip, but if you're happy can always. It allows you to convey your appreciation for the service rendered. For us, a few euros are not so important, but in some countries can be a world of difference.

    • Why does the price of my journey differ from that on the website?

      The prices on the website are approximate. With these awards, we assume that no changes happen and that the original planned trip is booked.
      Certain areas (accommodation, transport, ...) sometimes covered by price changes.

    • When and how can I make a payment?

      Certain areas (accommodation, transport, ...) sometimes covered by price changes.

    • Do I take any financial risk?

      QualiMundi offers a platform to which you can book a trip directly with the local agent. This avoids you the middleman and save you lots of money.

    • Why QualiMundi is often cheaper in comparison to other travel providers?

      QualiMundi offers a platform where you can book a journey directly with the local agent.

    • Why the QualiMundi platform does not offer promotions?

      This way you avoid middle man and you save a lot of money!

  • Practical
    • Can I travel individually?

      This is definitely possible! In some cases you can also travel together with other (international) travelers. Make sure you check our single journeys!

    • How do I book my international flights?

      QualiMundi does not take care of any international flights. You can book these yourself with the airline company of your own choice. We do offer, fully facultative, some preferred partners who we often work with and where the best price is guaranteed.

    • How do I book my national flights?

      Domestic flights, if needed, are taken care of by the local agent. You are free to book the domestic flights yourself, but this we do not recommend. One single change can cause harm to the whole travel program and in this case the traveler is responsible.

    • Do I need a travel insurance?

      Absolutely! A good health insurance is mandatory for anyone who wants to make a safe and healthy trip. Via our preferred partners we offer different kinds of insurances. We invite you to check out the coverage of your insurance and if necessary to establish a new insurance contract with your insurer or for information on the following site

    • Do I need a visa and how do I take care of this?

      For more information about visas, travel advice and more, you can visit this website: As a traveler you are responsible for having a valid passport or a valid identity card and, if necessary, a visa at the day of takeoff and during your trip.

    • What about my health?

      What about my health?
      Useful websites like and provide all sorts of information concerning this topic.

  • General
    • What if I am dissatisfied?

      Your local agent is responsible for the journeys he/she offers to the travelers. This means that all questions, remarks and complaints go through him or her. At an unpleasing response the complaint can be send to QualiMundi and we guarantee that it will be taken care of. But in any case you need to contact your local agent first.

    • How can I share my experiences?

      We naturally want to hear everything about your travel experiences via QualiMundi. That's why you get after your trip a questionnaire from us. We would like all positive, but certainly also the negatives come to know, because we believe in constant improvement. Your review will be read with great attentiveness. It is also possible to share your travel experiences through social media like TripAdvisor, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    • How can I be informed of any new destinations and developments of QualiMundi?

      The only thing you need to do, is enter your e-mail address and subscribe for our newsletter.

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