Indonesia: 2 Days North Bali

A visit to Bali will never be completed if the center of the island is missed!
Indonesia, Unknown city
2 days from € 149

Indonesia: Yogyakarta in Brief

The cultural heart of Indonesia!
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
2 days from € 164

Indonesia: Bali, 6 Days Deluxe

The best of Bali with the best hotels and the best sights, all in one package!
Indonesia, Denpasar, Bali
6 days from € 1403

en | Armenia: Au pied du mont Ararat

Découverte d'origines arméniennes!
Armenia, Yerevan
8 days from € 530

Weekend in Warsaw The capital of Poland

Warsaw - the capital of Poland
Poland, Warszawa
3 days from € 149

Kraków and the Carpathian Mountains

From the majestic Carpathian mountain to Cracow - the former royal capital the center of culture and art.
Poland, Krakow
5 days from € 235

Weekend in Kraków Royal capital of Poland

Kraków, the former royal capital as the center of culture and art.
Poland, Krakow
3 days from € 149

Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil: Great tour about 5 country's

5 Countries Tour 2015
Peru, Lima
16 days from € 5000

Argentina: Awesome colors and pleasure

Visit Buenos Aires culture and Bariloche' nature in one trip!
Argentina, Buenos Aires
8 days from € 1820

Iran: Fascinating journey trough history and enigmatic architecture

Take a fascinating journey through Iran`s history and enigmatic architecture!
Iran, Tehran
13 days from € 2445

China: Grand tour

Discover China!
China, Beijing
17 days from € 1885

Cambodia: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

Package 4 days / 3 nights in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
Cambodia, Phnom Penh
4 days from € 230

Peru: Discover the fascinating country!

Discover this diverse and fascinating country!!!
Peru, Lima
7 days from € 1980

The most interesting Polish cities

This route unveils the image of civilisation at the meeting of Western and Eastern cultures.
Poland, Warszawa
9 days from € 620

Thailand: Classic Tour

A highlight tour for all first time visitors.
Thailand, Bangkok
6 days from € 708

en | Lithuania: Capitals of the tree Baltic states

Pays Baltes en petits groupes francophones, départs garantis!
Lithuania, Vilnius
8 days from € 674

en | Armenia: Cradle of Christianity

Soyez si proches aux racines du Christianisme!
Armenia, Zvartnots
8 days from € 545

Gujarat - A Cornucopia of Culture

Mumbai * Ahmedabad * Modera * Patan * Dasada * Bhuj * Wankaner * Gondal * Junagadh * Sasangir * Somnath * Diu * Bhavnagarh * Ahmedabad * Mumbai
India, Mumbai (ex Bombay)
13 days from € 1235

Philippines: Ilocos, Vigan and Laoag Heritage tour

Vigan and Laoag Heritage Tour
Philippines, Luzon Island
3 days from € 622

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius: Self driving tour

Basic itinerary for 3 capitals tour
Estonia, Tallinn
7 days from € 310

Indonesia: Tales of three islands

Yogyakarta - Borobudur - Prambanan - Mount Bromo - Tanah Toraja - Bali
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
13 days from € 1702

Vietnam: Hoi An Stopover

Four Days Private Tour
Vietnam, Hoi An
4 days from € 113

Royal cities from Marrakech - Departure every Friday 5*Standard

A blend with Portuguese remains
Morocco, Marrakech
8 days from € 617

Myanmar: Classic tour

Six days Myanmar Classic Tour
Myanmar, Yangon
6 days from € 938

Iran: Discover the glories of ancient Persia

Join us for an exciting 15-day tour of Iran, with an emphasis on the archaeology, architecture, and art.
Iran, Tehran
15 days from € 2625

Laos: Pakse Stopover

Three Days Private Tour.
Laos, Pakse
3 days from € 378

Indonesia: The most see sight on the island of Java

Experience the most see sight on the island of Java!
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
4 days from € 589

India: The temple diaries

This journey is a religious sojourn in Tamil Nadu combined with the open spaces of Kerala
India, Chennai (ex Madras)
13 days from € 785